Farmland Investment Tablas Romblon

Farmland Investment Tablas Romblon


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Farmland Investment Tablas Romblon

We are now in the lucky situation that we can offer an additional area of approximately 50 hectares – which can be split or subdivided down to approximately 5 hectares plots – very suitable for pili nut farming – from only US $ 1 per sqm!




A very conservative calculation – with today’s prices on pili nuts – and the steadily and rapidly increasing demand – shows that your total, original investment will double already during the first harvest – 5 years after planting the pili seedlings – which we do provide through the provincial agriculturist.

Farmland Investment Tablas Romblon

So an investment at for example US $ 60,000 now – will give you a return of US $ 120,000 after 5 years – after all expenses. After that are there minimal expenses – and a very low tax percentage – so you will have an additional pension of approx. US $ 100,000 per year!

The Romblon Islands is located close to the world famous Boracay’s island, but is still pristine and unspoiled – with perfect beach fronting land for a fragment of what they do charge at Boracay. For example US $30 per sq.m. In strong contrast to Boracay’s White Beach and US $2,000 per sq.m.

Farmland Investment Tablas Romblon

SEA AIR started with regular flights to Tablas, the largest island, earlier this year, and PAL Express and Cebu Pacific will follow soon. Beside this do we have daily ferry boats from Batangas port – near Manila.

Those islands has caves, waterfalls, hot springs, high land, low land and a lot to offer. Perfect, unspoiled dive sites and many fish sanctuaries for snorkeling too.

And the most welcoming, friendly and accommodating people in the world, will we say.

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Farmland Investment Tablas Romblon

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