Christmas food and gift drive

Every year Chris and Theresa Fajilan Bech have their christmas gifts and food giving drives here in the Philippines, being social entreprenures they have many schollars, feeding and school programs to name a few, this is a huge part of their in community service they give. Bellow are the email and pictures from their schollar Sha Sha who had organized the food and gift giving events this year.
Aside from the school refurbishment programs, underage mothers, feeding for the elderly,

Hi, Chris and Theresa,

The last misa de galo and viva parol was a very shocking day why? It is because we didn’t expect that worth of 1000 people who comes to feel our gift of sharing to them and they brought different kind of things like stars, teddy bears and etc. so we give noodles, can goods, bread and apples in every person. Children’s, adults and older people who comes. We are so happy because we fit all we brought to them 1,500 of all this. Thank u for your helping hand Mr. Chris Bech. We feel if what Christmas is. Thank u for all the blessings you’ve share. They are very happy for all of this. THANK U VERY MUCH..

Merry Christmas. 🙂 Sha Sha…