Chris Bech Sustainable Investments

Chris Bech and his Filipina wife Teresa Fajilan Bech own a Licensed Real Estate company with four full time licensed brokers, as well as a Property Development Company here in the Philippines, registered with the securities exchange commission of the Philippines as Beach Land Estates Inc. A corporation that has several board members, including Chris Bech, wife Theresa and some family members.

The Bech’s employ some 800+ local filipino workers, they have trained many of their workers in ther farming industry, hotel and restaurant management, while maintaining a high standard of working ethics with the Filipinos.

Chris and Teresa also have investments on offer at their Organic Pili Nut Farm, learn more about the largest growing farming Investment in Romblon, Bech’s Organic Pili Nut Farm

They have both worked very hard also as social entrepreneurs on many Community Projects, Livelihood, Medical Missions, Dental Missions, Feeding Programs, Scholarships Programs and they are a huge asset in the communities, in the Philippines. Visit Bech Organic Farm to learn more about their social engagenet in the local communities accross the Philppines, they have some 300 schollars that are attending schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines.

The Expat community have built their retirement / vacation, homes there at Tablas Island, Romblon, many living there all year around.any of the retiress and Investors have Invested with the Bech’s on their Investment oportunities, one being Philagrivest, a farm in the highlands that produces fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices that are sold in Boracay Island, and locally at Tablas Island

There are maybe 10+ resorts built by foreigners around the Islands, which all help in the tourism awareness program in Romblon Province. and the livelihoods of many locals.

Retirement is an affordable low cost in the Philippines, the property value is very much reduced compared to land in western countries, with a very happy and healthy lifestyle.


If you would like to see what Chris and Teresa have been up to with their own personal Organic Farm, please visit, Bech Organic Farm at Tablas

Flyboard Boracay- X-Treme Fun,  is a water sports business located in Boracay Island, Philippines, learn how to fly the Zapata Flyboard and Hoverboard, swim like a Dolphin, Fly Like Iron Man FLYBOARD BORACAY

Chris and Theresa Fajilan Bech also own a very popular newspaper in the Island of Boracay, which has a distribution of over 20,000 the Boracay Sun Newspaper, which is a FREE newspaper, it is also in every hotel tourism outlet, and distributed in city’s such as Manila, Global city, to name a few. The newspaper also has a large following worldwide online, with some 50,000+ visitors per month, with advertising, local news, sports, competitions, destination tours, holiday package deals. Go join them on Facebook, with over 7,000 other people.